One-off shredding services for your business

We can help businesses of all sizes across Tayside, Angus, Perth, North-East and Central Fife looking for one-off cost-effective shredding solutions – whether that’s confidential paperwork shredding, safe destruction of digital media storage devices or uniform shredding.

Confidential paperwork shredding

There are times in any business when you can find yourself faced with a one-off need to securely dispose of a load of confidential paperwork, whether you’re moving premises, sorting through archived documents or having a system clear-out. Let’s Talk Shred can help. We can:

  • Provide all the sacks and tags you need to bag up the material
  • Collect it all from your office on an agreed date, issuing a Waste Transfer Note and signing for the material
  • Transport it quickly to our shredding facility in our secure, tracked vans
  • Shred it all at our secure premises in Dundee within 24 hours of receipt
  • Provide you with a Certificate of Destruction
  • Recycle 100% of the paper waste

If you prefer, you can use your own bags or boxes for the paperwork and you can deliver it direct to our shredding facility at Baird Ave, Dryburgh Industrial Estate, Dundee DD2 3TN on any Wednesday from 9am to 4pm.

Digital media destruction

Nowadays it’s not just paper records we need to be careful with, but a whole raft of other data storage devices too, such as hard drives, DVDs and CDs. Erasing data from such media doesn’t always guarantee that the information is irretrievable. That’s why our digital media destruction service can give you peace of mind. We can:

  • Accept CDs, DVDs, videos, hard drives, floppy disks, memory sticks and any other form of memory device
  • Collect them all from your business on an agreed date or you can deliver them direct to our premises at Baird Ave, Dryburgh Industrial Estate, Dundee DD2 3TN on any Wednesday from 9am to 4pm
  • Issue you with a Waste Transfer Note as we take responsibility for the items
  • Using our GPS-tracked vans, bring the devices quickly to our secure premises
  • Safely destroyed all the devices at our facility within 24 hours of receipt and send you a Certificate of Destruction

Clothing shredding

If your company is changing its branding, we can make sure any old-branded company clothing can’t fall into the wrong hands and be used to gain fraudulent entry into your or your customers’ premises, or be used by mistake, undermining your brand and confusing customers. We can:

  • Collect all the clothing from you, issuing you with a Waste Transfer Note
  • Bring the clothing quickly to our secure Dundee premises in our tracked vans
  • Shred the clothing within 24 hours of receipt and give you a Certificate of Destruction
  • Recycle the shredded cloth for reuse in the manufacture of other products

To find out more about our shredding servicea and get a quote, call us on 01382 725162, email us at or contact us online and we’ll call you back.