Recycling Commitment

Recycling at Let’s Talk Shred the specialist secure shredding and data destruction service in Dundee Tayside and Perthshire

Shredded paper being sent for recycling

At Let’s Talk Shred, we take our responsibilities seriously, and we appreciate that this is an increasingly important issue for many of our clients.

Avoiding Landfill

By just making the choice to shred your paper or old uniforms with us, you are avoiding the environmental impact of sending it to landfill and enabling us to recycle it effectively for you.

Local focus

Regular collections or one-off shredding options to help your business comply with data protection regulations.

Paper recycling

Secure destruction of confidential paperwork and digital media storage devices to help keep your personal details safe. Watch our paper shredder in action.

Cloth recycling

From the collection of your material to its secure destruction, we ensure your information is kept confidential.

Planting trees

We recycle 100% of our paper waste, as well as limiting our carbon footprint and planting trees.